TeWa / Safe-T Sleeve™ Instructional Videos


An Introduction to TeWa Needles

TeWa needles feature the first dual-tube needle insertion system – The Safe-T Sleeve™ – which ensures 100% clean needle compliance. This new guide tube system allows practitioners to confidently insert longer needles in the safest most efficient way while maximizing patient comfort. This video provides a great overview for using this new needle.


Sports Medicine Applications

Acupuncture used in the treatment of sport injury is a huge practice builder, especially when combined with TCM energetics. The Safe-T Sleeve™ becomes very useful in this arena as often the practitioner is targeting specific muscles and needs to use longer needles.
This video shows you some great techniques using methods from Matt Callison and Whitfield Reaves.


Additional Tips and Tricks using the Safe-T Sleeve™

In this video, we go over some additional uses of the Safe-T Sleeve™. You’ll see how easy it is to needle points like St 35. Du Bi using the Safe-T Sleeve™. The clean field the Safe-T Sleeve™ provides makes it perfect for needling all points around the base of the skull without worry of hair contaminating the needle shaft.