The Safe-T Sleeve™ will change the way you needle

Available exclusively on TeWa Needles, the disposable Safe-T Sleeve™ ensures clean needling every time.


Flexible, two-part guide tube system:

The Safe-T Sleeve™ was created to solve the problems that arise when inserting longer acupuncture needles into dense or tight tissue – namely the potential bowing of the needle and difficulty stabilizing the needle shaft.

Now you can utilize the Safe-T Sleeve™ to help complete insertion to the target depth – all without compromising the sterility of the needle shaft.

The flexible, two-part guide tube system is perfect for sports acupuncture, Motor Point Needling, and other advanced needling techniques.


A Quality Needle

TeWa needles are composed of a stainless steel shaft and a traditional copper-wound loop handle. Needle tips are ground by automated machines, thereby ensuring perfect needle tip consistency.

Whether you need a shorter size without the Safe-T Sleeve™, or you depend on the Safe-T Sleeve™ to help you guide longer needles, TeWa needles are all you need.